Celestial Mini Luggage Bag

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Functional Beauty.

Front and center you will notice a one of a kind crystal talisman that I hand cut from a geode and polished to a beautiful finish. I also sculpted the celestial elements and did the copper finishing here in my workshop. Agates bring positive thinking to the wearer which goes well with the prayers and intentions that I filled the body of the bag with. The entire piece has a hard body, which can be expected with luggage bags, and the hard backing is covered with unseen incantations. The leather used is a supple black cowhide with a slight coating that will help with wear and rain. There is a double zipper opening to access the interior, as well as side flaps to keep your items secure.

Interior Pockets- 9” x 5"

Dimensions- 9.5” x 8” x 4"

Strap Length- 45"

All leather pieces are entirely handmade by me in my Tacoma workshop and hand stitched using the double needle saddle stitch technique.

Handle with care. Genuine Agate Crystal attached to front of art piece could break if struck. Treat this bag as a walking & functional artwork.