What is The Creative Process?

Welcome to The Creative Process

I wanted to create this blog to share more in-depth information about all of my creations. More thank just the materials and dimensions. those are obviously extremely important, but not everything that makes up one of my creations. In this series I want to share with you my thoughts, feelings and process during each new piece. This is probably going to vary between tips and tricks in jewelry making and leather craft or dubbin recipes and herb mixtures. It will hopefully get you more in touch with the process behind each of the bags or jewelry pieces and let you in on some of the hidden secrets beneath the layers. 

As each new bag comes along in its creation, I will document for you how it is truly made. Posts may come sporadically, but they will be up shortly after the completion of a new creation. If you want to see more of a play by play as its happening then you should follow my Instagram and watch my stories.

I can't wait to share all of this with you. 

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